Director of Finance and Administration (evolution to DG)

Permanent job offered at North Shore

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  • #2 of the organization - right hand of the president
  • Overall diagnosis of the organization, systems and finances
  • Responsible for the complete financial and accounting cycle
  • Guardian of the margin
  • Opportunity for ownership and development into a CEO role


Do you want to work in a financially healthy, entrepreneurial organization with an excellent reputation in the marketplace and large clients? This is the perfect opportunity for you to work as a Finance and Administration Manager in a hands-on position in a SME with a great infrastructure, food industry and services. You will report directly to the President who is action oriented, available and has integrity. She will be able to help you understand the business side of her organization.



As the number 1 in finance and administration, you will have to start by making a global diagnosis of the company through finance, administration and also IT. Then with your leadership and change agent approach, you will mobilize your team to operationalize the strategy on continuous improvement projects. 



When you start your job, you will have to understand the functioning of the organization and the different sectors of activity and you will get your hands dirty by being close to the field in the operational accounting department, among others, to improve efficiency, controls and systems.  


Also, you will determine the profitability for the different operating companies and, as the guardian of the profitability margin, you will understand the production costs, the selling price according to the contractual agreements (volume and other discounts), the profitability by customer, product, services... and manage it all as if it was your own money by challenging and negotiating with both customers and suppliers. The context of the flagship company is one of seasonal production with a lot of volume and several products (SKU), the impact of a few pennies combined with a large volume can make a big difference in the profitability of the company.


The Director is responsible for the full budget cycle, financial statement production, and the administrative and IT side of the business. There will be a system implementation project in the near term. This is a role with great visibility, as you will be in contact with the president of the company and all the departments.


Once you have mastered the financial, administrative and IT components you should evolve into a broader role that will also cover the operational component that touches virtually all departments of the organization.


This is an ideal opportunity for a manager who is looking to make a significant contribution to the growth and profitability of a successful SME and potentially become a shareholder. 


Bilingual CPA with a minimum of 7 years of experience in financial and management accounting (an asset if in a SME of more than 100 people) who has a strong sense of leadership and will be dedicated to taking the company to new heights. We are looking for an intrapreneur who is capable of strategic vision and at the same time able to roll up their sleeves and move quickly into solution mode. The President is looking for a right-hand man who will be pragmatic, with good business sense and who will prioritize issues that drive profitability. Knowledge of inventories, SKUs and commercial agreements with large retail banners and excellent IT skills are important assets for our client. We are looking for a true change agent who will use their expertise and leadership to make a positive impact on the organization.


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CIELO is a recruitment firm specializing in finance, accounting and management in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Our head office is located in downtown Montreal. Only successful candidates will be invited to an interview. We would like to thank all the candidates for showing interest in this position. The masculine form is used to lighten the text.

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