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In addition to a recruitment firm, CIELO is a team of experienced executives, recruiters, researchers and data analysts specializing in the fields of finance, accounting and management. The placement of highly qualified executives and professionals, on a temporary, permanent or consulting basis, is more than a job; it's a passion.

We’re hands-on, we question, we challenge, we evaluate, we search and we find! We meet your requirements with our understanding of the market and the extent of our business contacts.

We stand out by our process considering two customers; the company and the candidate. Our proximity to both parties allows quality work demonstrated by our 99% retention rate unmatched in the market and the maintenance of strong business relationships.

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We place highly qualified professionals and executives on a temporary or permanent basis, acting or by contract, exclusively in our areas of expertise. Our recruitment specialists are dedicated to bringing together highly qualified candidates and consultants to meet your hiring needs and work environment. Contact us if you are interested in one of these profiles.

Candidate Number Level Professional title Expertise
2023-003 CPA (2023-003) VP Finance
2023-002 CPA (2023-002)


2023-001 CPA (2023-001) Financial Director
2022-114 CPA (2022-114) Manager
  • Investment and M&A
  • Financial information management
  • Budgeting process management
2022-113 CPA (2022-113) Internal Auditor
  • Team management, KPI
  • Financial and management accounting
  • Strategies
  • Operations
  • Audit
  • Process optimization
  • IFRS
  • Reporting


CPA (2022-112) Operational accounting / finance
  • Financial Statements
  • IFRS standards
  • Accounting entries
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxation
  • Audit
  • IT: Excel ++, Oracle, Acomba, Sage
CPA (2022-110) Financial Analyst
  • FP&A
  • Business analysis
  • Implementation and IT project
CPA TI (2022-108)
CPA (2022-107) Financial Director
MBA (2022-106) Senior Finance Specialist
CPA Auditor (2022-105) Partner and co-founder
CPA US (2022-102) Senior Auditor
CPA, MBA (2022-101) FP&A Director

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