Financial Controller - Family Office and Real Estate

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  • Production and analysis of sets of financial statements
  • Functional supervision of a small team
  • Tax coordination (T1-T2-T3) with accounting firms
  • Cash flow optimization / systems implementation
  • Operational accounting for various entities / joint ventures
  • Production of quarterly reports and detailed balance sheets
  • Responsible for compliance (legal, governmental and accounting / automate as much as possible via technology)


As part of a family office and real estate project management company that has been growing rapidly since it was founded, you will work alongside the VP Finance, whom we appointed over 15 years ago to provide ongoing support to the President, whom we have known for 40 years. The corporate culture is family-oriented, non-hierarchical and collegial. It's the kind of company where you start and only leave when you retire!


The vice-president is very versatile, willing to transfer her skills, has an open-door approach and is approachable. The team is made up of long-serving employees responsible for accounts payable, payroll, general accounting for operating real estate companies and investment accounting (Family Office).


By establishing a close relationship with the President, a brilliant, approachable man and great philanthropist, you will become a resource person for financial statements, taxation, cash management/optimization, operational and financial accounting, trust management, and management companies. You'll need to have a good grasp of the family's entire business, and have touched on every operational and accounting facet of it. Quarterly reports and detailed balance sheets will be produced periodically. The Controller will prepare quarterly and annual financial statements, and coordinate with accounting firms the filing of personal, corporate and trust tax returns, as well as annual returns. Investments include stock market investments as well as private placements in partnership with other family offices or investment firms in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, technology (AI), energy controls, real estate, philanthropy... to name but a few.



This career opportunity offers a variety of interesting tasks and enables you to take a global view of the situation and manage the accounting-financial-tax cycle, and cash flow optimization (foreign exchange contracts, bankers' acceptances...) from start to finish. What's more, the President has a vast network and can take on truly diversified investments, such as a rocket ship! The investment vision in private equity is focused on the long term; there is no short- or medium-term exit strategy. This role involves a multitude of contacts with the VP Finance, the President, financial partners, tax specialists, accountants and lawyers.


The Financial Controller loves technology, and will keep a technology watch to automate recurring non-value-added tasks as much as possible. He or she will also be involved in the implementation of a new ERP system (currently under study) to track real estate projects, as well as an investment management system.


If you're passionate about taking a global view of the accounting and financial activities of real estate project companies and family offices, managing tax issues, investments and wealth management, this is the job for you. What's more, if you perform well, there's an opportunity to take over from the VP Finance.


Bilingual CPA with at least 8 years of experience, ideally including a few years in audit in a small or medium-sized accounting firm, with experience in financial reporting, taxation and cash management. Knowledge of the investment industry would be considered an asset. 


We are looking for a candidate who is autonomous, organized, rigorous, discreet, capable of macro and micro analysis, and able to synthesize information. The Financial Controller is motivated, curious and has a constant desire to learn, and opts for continuous improvement through technology.

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