Director of Finance - International SME

Permanent job offered at South Shore, Montérégie

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  • Business Partner/ Team Management
  • Costing/Profitability/Analysis
  • Special projects (acquisitions, investments) 
  • Improve the profitability of the company



In a solid, growth-oriented, customer-focused, international manufacturing company in a flexible, work-life balance environment, you will work with a participative, business-strategy oriented manager who works with his teams that we have known for a very long time!

During the first few months, you will mainly work on costing: cost price review in a standard cost context, multi-site/multi-country (intercost-transfer price), high volume and low margin, but 100% profitable. Then your team of analysts will take over in continuous mode. Procurement will also be part of your responsibilities.
In addition, you will develop various analyses for management in order to guide them in international acquisition projects, major equipment investments or to improve the company's profitability. You will conduct inter-plant benchmarking, analyze best business practices and analyze production in terms of transfer pricing impacts, tax impacts and other factors that influence the overall cost price. On the other hand, you will develop, negotiate and administer purchasing agreements and contracts with selected local and international suppliers based on your business thinking and a win-win approach. You also oversee the day-to-day operations and activities of 5-6 people in analysis and procurement and will have the opportunity to cover more in the future.
Opportunity to progress with a mentor we know well in a mid-sized company with international operations and in growth mode through acquisitions. If you are the right person for this challenge, the manager in question will delegate more and more responsibilities to you and will most likely want to give back to the next one with long-term incentives.  


Ambitious, energetic, bilingual CPA, 5 to 10 years of experience in team management, costing, management accounting and ERP systems in an international multi-site and multi-currency context. We are looking for a business partner who likes challenges, who is able to negotiate well, who has an iron fist in a velvet glove approach and who will be able to take the company to another level. The financial director we are looking for is capable of macro vision and also capable of rolling up his sleeves, he must be able to turn himself around on a dime.

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CIELO is a recruitment firm specializing in finance, accounting and management in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Our head office is located in downtown Montreal. Only successful candidates will be invited to an interview. We would like to thank all the candidates for showing interest in this position. The masculine form is used to lighten the text.

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