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  • Strategic partner - senior management and corporate partners
  • Financing, investments, creation of legal entities
  • Business model optimization
  • Management accounting in a multi-service and entity context



Our client, an innovation and technology consultancy that acts as a gas pedal by founding consortia in highly innovative and growing industries (aerospace, AI, medical, green tech...) is looking for its #1 Finance person to support its growth vision. You will be the right hand of the President, an intrapreneur who favors autonomy and likes to move people forward as a team in collaborative mode. In addition, Cielo knows this one very well having placed the former VP there.



As VP, you will be in charge of the financial and fiscal strategy as well as the operational and strategic planning of all the activities of the organization. You will monitor cash flow and investments, and coordinate, control and participate in the preparation of various files and management reports. You will have to optimize the recharge to consortia (establishment of resource allocation fees) and try to be creative in the evolution of the business model. You will have to be able to select and implement an integrated ERP platform integrating all operations of the organization. 

As a business partner, you will be called upon to: prepare, review and validate the financial statements, tax files and other financial documents of the firm and the consortia under management. You will validate the firm's feasibility and profitability studies. You will also coordinate the management information and reporting required by the funders, the consortia under management and the Board of Directors. You will prepare and follow up on the budget forecasts of the different departments of the firm and validate those of the consortiums under management. Finally, you will coordinate the external audit work and provide support to the consortia under management.

You will be responsible for management accounting, KPI's, dashboards for non-financial staff, implementing best business practices in the bidding process, targeting potential buyers for the company's shares, negotiating contractual agreements and maintaining partnerships with external firms. The incumbent will have to maintain relationships with university presidents, entrepreneurs, company presidents, researchers, etc. For this reason, the person in this role must be an excellent communicator.

Great opportunity to significantly contribute to the growth of the company and even become a shareholder in the company.



Experienced bilingual executive with a CPA designation, with a minimum of 5+ years of experience in a position with similar responsibilities. Ideally, the successful candidate will have experience in a consulting firm. The VP Finance is able to raise financing and is known to be a strong negotiator and financial strategist.

Strong knowledge of finance-accounting, ERP systems and a good ability with technology and the use of financial tools. The number 1 finance person is a good communicator, pleasant to work with, able to roll up his sleeves and, at the same time, has good business and organizational skills. 

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CIELO is a recruitment firm specializing in finance, accounting and management in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Our head office is located in downtown Montreal. Only successful candidates will be invited to an interview. We would like to thank all the candidates for showing interest in this position. The masculine form is used to lighten the text.

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