Questions to ask yourself to generate a great resume

  • Who is the target audience ? Will he understands my role and implication in my accomplishments?
  • How much time does the reader have ?
  • How to stand out in the market place ?
  • How to get the attention of the reader?
  • How to guide the interview on passionnate discussions?
  • Do I show decision making information?
  • Have I written 80% of my tasks?
  • Are my accomplishments quantified?
  • How can I write a profile with the less words as possible?
  • Did I use key words?

Christina Smith, CPA


  • 1st sentence - Professional path;
  • 2nd - Technical strenghts;
  • 3rd - Management style and how do professionals perceive me;
  • 4th - Greatest career accomplishment (ideally quantified).

KPMG Directror, Auditing

  • 80 % of your regular tasks
  • Sales ranging from 100-200 M$ in the public, manufacturing and pharma industry
  • Special mandate : led and initiated a one year project, with a team of 5 and a 5M$ budget - yearly recurrent saving of 2 M$.
  • Quantified accomplishments : M$, Went from a 10 day delay to 5, 15 to 20 % savings.


  • 2008 - CPA accounting designation
  • 2006 - Bachelor / accounting - UQÀM


  • 2009 - KPMG prize


  • Activities/interests : Dancing Signing, oenology




  • Do I have a convincing attitude in the first 30 seconds ?
  • Do I know the environment well? Who will be there?
  • What academic background, professional background and career achievements do they possess?
  • What personality profile do they have? Are they focused on results and actions? Are they analytical, Cartesian and reflexive? Will they privilege relation above anything else, exuberancy and creativity?
  • Have I done beforehand a good introspection?
  • Was I concise?
  • Proscribe negation!
  • Did I participate in similar projects with transferrable competencies?
  • You have to REASSURE to SELL yourself. The past will tell the future!



your actual salary is the base of negotiation of your future salary. If you’re underpaid compared to the market; don’t tell your potential employer how much your making, instead talk about the offered or the market salary. You have to convince the employer that he should pay you for your competencies and your professional accomplishments in two words, your VALUE ADDED.

You always have to take a step back and see the global picture and not only focus on the salarial base. Maybe the offered base is under the market, BUT maybe the total benefits compensate more than enough!


For example, the average annual bonus of the last 3 years is 15%, there is a pension fund, 4 weeks of vacation instead of 3, reasonable hours, overtime paid! Some companies offer more than the market… watch out… you got to ask yourself why? Are you going to work crazy hours, there is a high turnover or a bad environment?

If the company is offering a 90 000$ to 100 000$ salarial range before bonus, don’t say that it’s OK for you: the employer is going to remember 90 000$. Before saying this base would satisfy you, ask about the other benefits… try to see the big picture!



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