Our approach


Cielo’s recruiters can say out loud they possess an in depth expertise in the accounting, finance and management market place. Numerous years strong of niche expertise, our experts have a vast network in this specific field and they probably already know the ideal candidate for your needs. If not, they know who to call to find your star.

Our market knowledge is so thorough we can say it brings us up to the market intelligence level. Our credibility and our consideration for both candidates and clients allow us to refer you prominent accountants and finance people.

Our method


  • Listening to the needs of our customers is paramount to the success of our recruitment process;
  • Understanding the daily distribution of the work: what is the candidate actually required to do? 20% of execution and 80% strategy or the other way around?
  • A thorough understanding of the environment:
    • With what people of what division and which services will he be in contact with?
    • What is the management style of his boss?
    • What is the corporate culture?
    • What are the values, mission and vision of the organization?
    • What are the challenges of this position?
  • Advise our clients of the ideal profile, job description, salary and other benefits;
  • Submitting a summary of the position to be filled for validation and for advertisement purposes in our large pool of professionals.
  • Our team of recruiters at Cielo meets to share crucial information on the opportunity and allow us to reach more qualified candidates to meet your needs in our expanded network.

The hunt is on! From that moment, recruiters identify and approach candidates directly in the market.  We interview all of our candidates in person in order to validate their expertise and experience to fill your position.

Cielo recommends "stars" to its clients and represents a new alternative in recruiting services traditionally offered by general recruitment firms and accounting firms.

With Cielo, the stars are at your fingertips!

Processing Time


Our reaction speed is matched to yours! Right after you grant us your mandate, we contact our potential candidates and we refer them to you. Follow next the first and second interviews and eventually a third one, job conditions negotiation, job referrals validation, credit and criminal check.



In the extremely rare case where the recommended profile doesn’t fit, we guaranty the replacement of the placed candidate. Wich means that during the trial period, if the candidate doesn't fit with the scheduled function or if he terminates the work contract, we will begin a new search and selection mandate without any additionnal fees.

Our Fee

  • Exclusivity
  • Contingency
  • Retainer


Cielo’s approach is dynamic, innovative and adapts to your needs: we will use the method that suits you best. We can work on a retainer system, predetermine timeline exclusivity or even on contingency. Flexibilty and guaranteed results!



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My Personal Space


Your personal web space gives you access to:

  • Your latest resume
  • The progress of your application
  • Your scheduled appointment with our recruiters
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